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Turismo al servizio della Natura. Le nostre attività sono rispettose dell’ambiente e promuovono la valorizzazione e la tutela del territorio.

Easy walking at Piano Ruggio

Easy walking at Piano Ruggio
A walk in the hearth of the National Park will allow you to discover the environment of beech trees, Bosnian Pines, stories of transhumance, lumberjacks and coalmen. The trail, above 1600 m als, is suitable for all those who want to have a first approach to the hiking or who like to enjoy a walk in the nature.

The loop of the Patriarchs

The loop of the Patriarchs
The scenic route on the southern spurs of Mt Pollino. We are going to climb to 2000 meters and then go down to Mt Pollinello (1,820 m), crossing the area of the “Patriarchs” : Pinus Leucodermis with an estimated age of 1000 years. Along the way, I will be glad to introduce you to the “Slinger”, the “Rag”, the “Harpy”, the “Beech trees with long arms”, the “Squid” and other fantastic trees, and then stop to take photos of orchids,... Continua a leggere

Serra delle Ciavole: The pachyderms’ graveyard

Serra delle Ciavole: The pachyderms' graveyard
Spectacular skeletons of Bosnian pines on a long but not too hard hike. Surely the most beautiful excursion to enjoy the extension and the uniqueness of the landscape. This hike is long but has moderate difficulty. It is said that the Elephants, close to the end of their life, usually go to die in so-called “elephant graveyards”. The first time I walked in Serra delle Ciavole (1981) I had the impression of walking through a elephants’ graveyard and for this... Continua a leggere


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